Wenn nicht mal die Kaffeepads noch gute Laune haben……

Coffee Expert  © Liz Collet

Coffee Expert © Liz Collet

könnte einem das als Verbraucher ja Continue reading


Coffee Nap?

Aromatische Geniesserträume © Liz Collet

Aromatische Geniesserträume © Liz Collet

Are You feeling sleepy? Can’t make it to clocking-off time or need a second wind for a night out? You might be surprised about how to fight it: Enjoy a coffee nap! A new trend involves drinking a cup of coffee then taking a 20-minute siesta while the coffeine kicks in.
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Chocolate-on-Chocolate Tart with Maple Almonds

Looking for something to calm Your sweet tooth for Your end of the week to welcome the weekend together with some cup ot tea or coffee? You will love this Chocolate-on-Chocolate Tart with Maple Almonds